We strongly believe in the importance of a well balanced and nutritional diet. Varied and healthy meals are prepared daily in our own kitchen using fresh ingredients.

Menu Week 1


Lunch:      Ham with Parsley Sauce, Mashed Potato and Peas

Dessert:  Peaches and Cream

Tea:        Chicken Nuggets and Fruit


Lunch       Corned Beef Hash, Mixed Vegetables and Gravy

Dessert:   School Cake Tray Bake and Custard

Tea:          Crackers, Ham, Cucumber Sticks and Fruit


Lunch:      Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice

Dessert:   Fruit Fromage Frais

Tea:          Selection of Sandwiches, Crisps and Fruit


Lunch:     Pasta Bolognese with Garlic Bread

Dessert:   Bananas and Custard

Tea:           Pizza and Fruit


Lunch:      Fish Fingers, Potato Waffles and Baked Beans

Dessert:    Chocolate Swiss Roll

Tea:            Muffins with Ham, Cheese and Fruit

Menu Week 2


Lunch:      Lasagne with Peas and Garlic Bread

Dessert:   Chocolate Chip Cake

Tea:           Toasted Crumpets with Cheese Spread and Fruit


Lunch:      Cheese and Potato Pie with Spaghetti Hoops

Dessert:   Bananas and Custard

Tea:          Chicken Burger and Fruit


Lunch:      Indian Vegetable Curry, Rice and Peas

Dessert:   Fruit Jelly and Cream

Tea:          Selection of Sandwiches, Crisps and Fruit


Lunch:      Sausage, Boiled Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables And Gravy

Dessert:    Fruit Fromage Frais

Tea:           Bagels with Jam/Cheese Spread


Lunch:       Fish cake, Chips and Baked Beans

Dessert:    Jam and Cream Sponge

Tea:           Stuffed Quesadilla and Fruit


Fees include all snacks and meals.

No child will ever be forced to eat anything but they will be encouraged to try everything.

If a child has any special dietary requirements let us know and we will provide a suitable menu.

Menus will be on a 2 week rota and will include seasonal variations.


If your child is 0-1 years old you are required to bring all prepared bottles of milk for your baby. These must be clearly labelled with child’s name and date.


If you have chosen to express breast milk please discuss this with the Nursery.