Partnership with Parents

We encourage a great deal of participation with parents in nursery life. We are always keen to discuss the development of your child, to respond to your concerns or simply to share the details of your child’s day. Parents need to know as much about their child’s day at nursery as possible. Our staff endeavour to inform parents of their child’s activities and achievements as much as possible at the start and close of the day and through home daily sheets (under 2’s). The sheets contain a brief outline of the activities of the day.

There is also a communication board for parents i.e. [a notice board in the entrance hall where parents can read about various curriculum activities, news, observe the menus and any special events]. We constantly strive to improve the service, so if you have any suggestions as how to improve this service please use the suggestion box provided in the conservatory.

Social evenings and fundraising

We believe that social evenings for parents is essential, we feel that allowing parents to come together socially is beneficial to them feeling more at ease with both the nursery and the staff, alongside forming relationships with other parents. We have a parents evening twice a year, where parents are invited into the nursery to talk to a Childs key worker. We also organise monthly trips to the cinema for the parents of the nursery and a Christmas shopping trip to the Christmas markets.

We also do fundraising within the nursery we fundraised money last year to buy a ‘Tommy bus’ for the children. Some fundraising that we do are curry evenings, cake sales and sports days. We also take part in charity fundraisers by doing McMillan coffee evenings, red nose day and children in need.