Session Times Full-Time / Sessional Basis

Toptotz Nursery is open for 51 weeks per year, 8.00am – 6.00pm.  Monday to Friday.

The hour 8.00–9.00am and the hour 5.00-6.00pm are available on request if you require additional care for your child at this time.

We are closed over Christmas, New Year, and *Bank Holidays. (*Please note, you are still required to pay for Bank Holidays).

Morning Half Day sessions [9.00-1.00pm] include mid morning snack and lunch.

Afternoon Half Day sessions [1.00-5.00pm] include mid afternoon snack and tea.

We advise that children have a minimum of two half-day sessions or one full day per week. Experience has shown us that children attending nursery less that this have difficulty in settling and remembering their friends and routine.