Typical Day at Nursery for 2 year olds and above

8.00am Nursery Opens, Breakfast and Free Choice Play
9.00am Register – Free Choice Play
9.15am Circle Time
9.55am Wash Hands
10.00am Break – Morning Snack and Drink
10.30am Indoor/Outdoor Play
11.00am Curriculum Activities
11.00am Structured Free Choice Play
11.55am Wash Hands
12.00pm Lunch
12.30pm Circle Time
1.15pm Curriculum Activities
1.15pm Structured Free Choice Play
3.00pm Fruit and Juice
3.15pm Curriculum Activities
3.15pm Structured Free Choice Play
4.00pm Tea Time
4.30pm Circle Time
5.00pm Structured Free Choice Play/Story Time
6.00pm Nursery Closes