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Educational Goals


We aim to go above and beyond for our families, starting with the smallest ones of all, our Toptotz babies. At this age, children are exploring and establishing their sense of themselves as individuals.

We offer a calm, stimulating yet inviting specialised baby room here at Toptotz which caters for 6 babies at any one time.When children are ready to transition from the baby room, we have a tweenie section downstairs to further their development.

They have already experienced a huge amount of learning and development in the first two years. Our compassionate and simply amazing staff in the baby room ensure all children get the most out of their day, incorporating stimulating activities, arts and crafts, music and movement and much more!

We have a spacious outdoor baby pen with a UPV sun protected shelter, allowing our little ones to enjoy lots of outdoor play.

Language takes many leaps forward, and children enjoy making strides in personal, social and emotional development, together with an increase in their understanding of the world around them.

Activities are planned by our fantastic team according to children’s individual needs, balancing their need for routine and security with their desire for an increase in curiosity and exploration.


We provide a structured routine to help our wonderful toddlers prepare for the biggest step of all, big school! – With this said, the fun never stops. Our newly developed outdoor play area is fenced with activity boards, 2 mud kitchens and best of all .. a permanent tee-pee structure to encourage lots of different role play activities for our keen explorers.

We are also part of the ‘designed to smile’ initiative which was launched back in 2009. With the consent of parents, all 2 year olds attending Toptotz will have the opportunity to brush their teeth each morning under direct supervision. Whilst this is seen too be a fun, social activity with friends, it also encourages good oral hygiene and has been proven to effectively reduce levels of tooth decay in children

All activities are planned in advanced to ensure all areas are covered and they are progressing from one phase to another.

The children take part in several activities throughout the day from free play to adult lead fun-packed activities. From fine motor activities like cutting and sticking, threading, mark making .. to yoga classes, music and movement sessions and of course story telling, as we have many book worms here at Toptotz. This ensures they have an action packed, fun filled day.

We have a bright and airy conservatory including wide sliding doors which allows the feel of a flowing indoor/outdoor classroom. The children can use this facility for messy play, sand and water play in a clean, vibrant environment whilst inside but feeling like outside, with our new shelter off the conservatory covering us from the elements.

In the pre-school years children’s concentration increases and they are ready to respond to the challenge of teamwork and group activities.  Our priority is to make learning a fun, exciting and enjoyable experience.

Our wide range of educational equipment and toys are carefully chosen to develop language, intellect, imagination, emotional, physical and social skills.

Out on our driveway, we have a driving track and a zebra crossing which enables the children to practice their gross motor skills on trikes and bikes whilst learning the green cross code. Hopscotch is also painted on the driveway to encourage physical activity whilst learning number recognition in a fun and energetic way.

Promoting independence is a necessity at this stage and we encourage this through activity wall boards (laces, buttons, zips etc) and always giving the child a choice, allowing them to make own decisions.

Our Pre-school education incorporates the 7 areas of learning.  These are as follow:

  1. Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
  2. Language, Literacy and Communication skills.
  3. Mathematical Development.
  4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
  5. Physical Development
  6. Creative Development.
  7. Welsh Development

We work towards and include all of these as part of the Foundation Phase planning.  Theme planning is done termly on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.  This ensures each child covers all areas of development and makes good progress. This is all monitored through individual child observation files and continuous provision planning.